How Much Does it Cost to Install an EV Charger in my Condo Parking Spot?

Ev charger installed in condo parking spot.

In general, the cost to install an EV charging station in a condo parking spot in Ontario can range between $5,000 and $10,000 per individual EV charger station, depending on a number of factors. The main factors that determine the cost to an individual condo owner are:

  1. Whether the condo building already has the necessary electrical infrastructure to support an EV charging station network
  2. The distance of the parking spot(s) from the condo’s electrical or sub-electrical room
  3. The number of parking spot units that will be outfitted with EV charging stations
  4. The availability of government rebates
  5. How much of the fixed costs the condo building charges individual condo owners
  6. Whether the parking garage already has a WiFi connection
  7. The model of EV charger chosen
  8. The cost to the owner of registering the charging station on their parking spot land title

We discuss each of these important factors in turn below. 

Does your condo require additional electrical equipment to support EV charging stations?

Does your condo already have the setup for EV charging, or does extra electrical infrastructure need to be purchased and installed to support an EV charging network?

If your building already has an EV charging infrastructure with extra capacity, your cost to add a station will be lower than if additional electrical work (i.e. circuit breakers, electrical transformers) may be required. This is closely related to another important factor: How many EV stations are being installed at one time.

Distance of your parking spot to the central or sub-electrical rooms

Your parking spot’s charging station will need to be connected to the electrical panel with physical wires. The further the distance that the wires need to travel, the higher the cost of both material and installation. As the distance increases, the voltage drops, potentially requiring a larger conduit and as such, more materials and more labour. If your parking spot is located on a different floor from the main electrical room or sub-electrical room, it might be necessary to drill through the floor and run conduit and wire down to the parking level. The thicker the wire, the more difficult it is to fish through the conduit, and the more time it takes. Costs are likely to be higher to account for this additional work. 

However, some EV charging installation companies arrange with condo boards for a flat fee per installation, no matter the distance between the parking spot and the electrical room. 

How many EV charging stations are being installed at the same time?

Another major factor impacting the cost to install an EV charger in your condo parking spot is how many others condo owners are doing it at the same time. When fixed infrastructure costs can be spread among multiple condo units, it can bring down the cost of an EV charging network project significantly.

Usually, EV charging installation companies will work with the condo board and management to canvas the building to try to sign up as many units at once as possible, which drives the cost per installation lower.

Is there network connectivity (can WiFi reach the parking spot)?

Network connectivity enables remote monitoring and management of the charging process, which means residents and building managers can track charging sessions, monitor energy consumption, and even schedule charging times, all from the comfort of their mobile devices.

You will need network connectivity to reach your parking spot for your EV charger to connect with the EV charging network. This simply means that the EV charging station installed in your spot will need to be within range of WiFi.

The main reason network connectivity is required in a condo parking spot EV charger versus a residential installation is that condo management needs to be able to accurately track and charge each specific condo owner for their consumption and monitor overall energy consumption.

If your parking spot is not currently within range of a WiFi system, a high end, commercial grade networking system will have to be implemented, which will increase the cost of the EV charging station installation.

Availability of EV Charging Network Rebates

An Ontario EV charger rebate may be available to cover up to 50% of the costs to purchase equipment and install electric vehicle charging stations in a multi-residential condo or apartment building.  In Ontario, these rebates can significantly offset the initial investment, making the transition to EV chargers more accessible and affordable. The availability and ability to secure EV charger rebates will impact the overall cost of a project, and can usually bring the fixed installation costs down substantially. 

How Much of the Fixed Costs Does Condo Owner Pay?

As discussed above, some costs in involved in an install are fixed, so they don't change based on the number of EV chargers being installed. A government rebate may cover these costs, as noted above, but in some cases condo boards may decide to charge each of the condo owners all or part of the fixed costs involved in installing an EV charging network. Whether a condo passes these costs off and in waht amount is determined on a case-by-case basis.

The brand and model of the EV charger used

If you want to install an EV charger in your condo building, the brand or model of charger that is used will also impact the cost. In almost every instance, condo or apartment building EV charging networks use level 2 EV chargers

The price range for a level 2 charging station is between $650 and $3500, depending on the specifications and build quality. While some EV chargers cost below $1,500, these units are generally not commercial grade and lack key features required to monitor usage and connect to the network, as discussed above. For a condo parking spot charger, the cost of the EV charging unit is likely to be around $3,500.

For the most part, commercial grade chargers have similar build quality and features, and the price difference depends on the brand.

EV Charger Types

Cost of Registering the Charging Station on Your Parking Spot Land Title

In Ontario, you are legally required to register your EV charger to the title of your parking spot unit. This should be done through a lawyer qualified to practice real estate law in Ontario, to ensure it has been registered correctly. Typically, there is a fee for the registration and legal fees. Registering the EV charger to your park spot title usually costs between $300 - $500 in total, depending on the lawyer you choose and whether you can secure bulk pricing through your condo board or EV charger installation company.


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