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Learn the Benefits of EV Charging for Your Property

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Increase Employee Satisfaction by
Offering EV Charging

Perks make happier employees and happier employees are more productive overall. By offering free workplace electric vehicle charging stations, your workers will save huge on transportation costs, giving more workplace satisfaction.

Why Host an EV Station at Your Workplace?

Establish your Company as a green leader in environmental sustainability

Increase employee satisfaction and attract top talent

Improve productivity by getting your employees to where they want to go

Future proof your location by getting ahead with EV charging for your customers

Learn About Government Incentives
for Workplace Charging

The Government is onboard with green initiatives. Learn how they will help reduce purchasing
and installation costs to get you up and running faster and at less of a cost.

MetroEV partners with employers across Canada to deliver electric vehicle charging services in their workplaces. Your employees will gain the added benefit of being part of the metroEV ecosystem by connecting with the app to find charging stations wherever they go.

Fast Charging for Fleets

Do you have company fleet vehicles? We have the highest-powered level 2 and DC fast charging stations to get your employees on the road faster. Plus, you can reduce operating expenses with lower fueling and maintenance costs with EV charging.

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